The Civil War

The Civil War was a huge turning point in America's history. The Civil War took place in 1861-1865 which was fought between the North and South. The North slaughter and defeated the South it changed the Americans point of view for everything. Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States during the war. The war was a huge turning point in America's history, right after the war most things in the United States changed. New technology came out, also it changed how people lived, worked, how people rasied their famlies, and slavery.

Slavery was a huge primary part in the war, and the reason for that was becasue the South was on the side of keeping slavery while the North was on the side of getting rid of slavery. The North hated the idea of slavery and was all for it to get rid of slavery but the South had some strong feelings about how the North felt about that. In Document I, a man by the name John Brown led a group of 18 men (both black and white men included) to Harpers Ferry in Virgina.

His goal when leading this group was to fully seize the federal arsenal that was located there. He also wanted to distribute the captured arms to slaves in the area. But most important thing was his goal to start a general slave uprising! But the outcome of this battle ended badly for Brown. 10 of his men died while in combat with the local troops and Brown was captured. He was then turned over to Virginia where he was tried for treason.

On the day of December 2, 1859, Brown was hung for treason in the presnce of federal troops and a crowd of very curious observers. Lincoln and Douglas condemned Brown as a murderer, people in the North still didn't like this and began to call Brown a martyr for the scared cause of freedom. While the South was getting scared of the North because they had reason to believe the slaves were going to start an uprise! In Document L, a slave named Dred Scott: who was a slave that was brought to the North after being in a slave state.

Dred spent several years in the North but after returing to Missouri he sued for his freedom on grounds that he had been living freely on for the past years. Scotts case soon then made it all the way to the US Supreme Court where both North and South laid eyes! But the question that was simply " Can a Negro, whose imported into this country,and sold as slaves, become a member of the political community?" But the Declaration of Independence states that the white race, whether in social or political relations and so far inferior, that they had no rights which bound the white man to respect a Negro of the African race which was regarding them as an article of property. Source:

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